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Ergonomics Applied In Practical Ways

HealthiERGO provides a range of services including Ergonomic Assessments, Manual Handling Training and Pre-Employment Musculoskeletal Screening.

We apply the latest evidence-based Ergonomic principles in a practical way to provide cost-effective solutions for you and your organisation.

Office Ergonomics
Ergonomic Chairs

Need a new chair?

So many choices and options, not to mention sizes.

What about the various settings on the chair to assist with management of low back pain or sciatica?

HealthiERGO will assist you & your staff with all of the questions about the best chair to suit individual requirements.

Purchased a Stand Up Desk?

The need for regular change of position at  work has been well documented. But research has shown that sit/stand desks need to be used correctly to derive maximal benefits.

We are experienced in both assessment and management of spinal, muscle and joint pains. This is invaluable as recommendations will be tailored for the individual at your workplace.

Ergonomics Stand Up Desk
Ergonomics Equipment Assessment

Setting up your Workstation

Neck pain and headaches, as well as shoulder, elbow and wrist issues are common.

Muscles, joints and tendons can be prone to giving rise to significant discomfort when subjected to repetitive loading.

Setting ideal chair height and arrangement of the frequently used items on the desk is just the starting point. There are many ways of reducing stress on our body at work.

Let HealthiERGO show you how to maximise comfort at your workstation.

Prevention of Injury Workshops

These interactive workshops allow for a larger group to benefit from greater awareness of posture, anatomy, lifting methods and body mechanics.

Discussion, led by Q&A, of best evidence ways of tackling tasks at work, as well as at home, has been rated as being extremely  useful and practical.

This information empowers technique choices and minimises  injury.

Ergonomics Workshop
Ergonomics Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Training

Fulfilling Manutention Training requirements for staff undertaking regular manual handling tasks is now necessary in many workplaces.

The training sessions are tailored to the industry-specific scenarios encountered on a frequent basis, and are best implemented with small to medium sized groups to ensure close supervision of lifting and transfer techniques.

Feel free to contact HealthiERGO requesting further information about delivery of this service.

Report needed after ergonomic assessment?

No problems!

Reports include findings relating to a range of factors pertaining to the individual team member (eg. the possible presence of discomfort or injury) and relevant details about the current workstation.

Recommendations following identification of the interaction of these specific factors are outlined for reference, and assist with decision-making by Management.

Ergonomics On-site Consultation